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We are a Copenhagen based brand, inspired by the universal unisex minimalistic Danish design, that wants to make quality silk garments accessible to all. Or as we like to call it - affordable luxury.


Sustainability lies in the core of our production process, as the silk we use is remaining stock from large productions in Italy. Each and every silk garment is handcrafted in Europe, avoiding overseas shipping and reducing waste of fabric. This results in big diversity of colors within our collections, and limited edition models.

As the production takes place in Europe, time and flexibility is on our side, facilitating us to create custom orders, delivered in a short timeframe.

Aspired by the idea that quality should be for all, the designs embrace a timeless, clean look, made with 100% silk - the most sophisticated material to touch the skin, at a fair price.

We strongly care about our environment and are working towards limiting the enormous waste from garments around the world. Through our production process, we are one step closer to contributing to this cause, one silk robe at a time…